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September 20, Tuesday

15:00, New Culture House hall
Art Moscow press conference

17:00, 2nd floor of the Central House of Artists
Art Moscow media tour

18:00, New Culture House hall, mezzanine level of the Central House of Artists
New Culture Festival media tour

19:00, Roza Azora gallery
Opening of the First Biennale of Sandwich Art
The first ever Sandwich Biennale represents works of art dedicated to the issue of sandwich in the modern context and its historical heritage.
participants: Alexander (Buter) Brodsky, Alexander Shaburov (Sinie Nosy group), Anna Florenskaya, Ariadna Aivazovskaya, Boris Berger, Katya Andreeva, Maria Chuikova, Natalia Arendt, Olga and Alexander Floreksky, Olga Vinogradova, Tatyana Sergeeva, Julia Kisina

September 21, Wednesday

14:00, Central House of Artists hall
Official opening of Art Moscow

15:00, hall 21, 3rd floor of the Central House of Artists
Translate-Transcribe project presentation
Ian Gonczarow will give a tour of the exhibition. Artists Leanne Bell Gonczarow, Sam Adams, Benjamin Jenner and Martin Fletcher Systems House will be present to answer questions about the work.

20:00, Central House of Artists courtyard
Program of the New Culture Festival – the world premiere of the Planeta LEM performance by the ground-breaking Polish theater Biuro Podróży (a grand multimedia installation with impressive decorations and light effects, inspired by Stanislav Lem’s prose).

September 22, Thursday

15:00, British Higher School of Art & Design
Artist Benjamin Jenner will deliver a master class and answer students’ questions.
Admission free.
Recent exhibitions of Benjamin Jenner: Invention of Painting, Centre for Recent Drawing, London. Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009, Manchester and London. Red Mansion Art Prize, Slade Research Centre, London.

September 23, Friday

13:00 CHA DNK hall
Ahead of the Curve: Works from the Peter Norton Collection.
What it is to be a private collector with a public responsibility. A panel discussion by Christies Auction House. Moderator - Matthew Stephenson. Participants - collectors, artists, critics.

16:00,  Central House of Artists press centre
A lecture by Carlos Amorales (with participation of Adrian Notz).
Carlos Amorales was born in Mexico in 1970, lives and works in Amsterdam and Mexico. From 1992 till 1996 went to the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam. The artist works in the multimedia format: video, painting, graphic, sculpture, performance. Most of his works explore values of the modern Mexican culture.
Works by Calros Amorales (pic.) were presented at exhibitions in the Tate Modern gallery (London), in the Centre Pompidou (Paris), at the modern art fair Art Basel Miami Beach (Florida). Personal exhibitions of the artist took place in the Museum of Latin American Art (Buenos Aires), in Milton Keynes Gallery (Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire), Yvon Lambert Gallery (Paris), in the Museum of Science and Art University (Mexico city) and Philadelphia Museum of Art.

16:30, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Private Collections
Round table “Foreign Collectors of Modern Art”. Moderators: Anna Chudetskaya (The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts), Zinaida Starodubtseva (National Centre for Contemporary Arts). Speakers: Paquita Escofet-Miro (France), Petr Novitsky (Warsaw), Iosif Kiblitsky, Evgeny Barabanov, Alexandra Obukhova, Alberto Sandretti (Italy), Evgenia Sergeeva, gallery owners and representatives of auction houses.

19:00, Central House of Artists press centre
Round table: „Wie wandert die Kunst?“ (How does art travel?)
Moscow Talks project
Organizer: Deutsch-Russisches Forum e.V. (German-Russian Forum), Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung (Moscow German Newspaper). Supported by German Embassy in Russia.
Participants: Anna Mayer (Art Moscow expert, journalist), Volker Diehl (gallery owner), Peter Weibel (curator of the 4th Moscow Biennale of Modern Art) and Alexei Kostroma (artist). The discussion will be in German with translation into Russian.Admission subject to preliminary accreditation at the email until September 22 with this form.
Moscow Talks is a series of events for students, trainees and young professionals from Germany and Russia. They offer a special forum for discussions and the opportunity to talk to experts on the acute issues of Russia-Germany relations. Various themes include issues related to the culture, society, politics and economy.

September 24, Saturday

14:00, Central House of Artists  press centre
Round table: Art schools: how to become an avangardist.
Organizer: Artchronika magazine
Speakers invited by the magazine will tell where and what modern artists are taught and about the difference between Russian and foreign education in the area of contemporary art.
Speakers: Aristarkh Chernychev, Kirill preobrazhensky, Stas Shuripa, Taus Makhachev, Arseni Zhilyaev, Anna Titova, Alexandra Galkina, Pavel Mikitenko.
Moderator; Viktor Miziano.

16:00, stand of the FotoLoft gallery, stand 8-23
Opening of the Empty Spaces exhibition by Katya Belkina

16:00, Central house of artists press centre
A discussion within the International art fair ART MOSCOW
Participants: artist collective AES+F,  MAMM director Olga Sviblova
In this discussion the participants will examine "new media" fine art, the kinetic developments and advancements made in this field, and the challenges facing both artists and collectors in making, exhibiting, purchasing and maintaining works in new media.
The discussion is presented and moderated by Rachael Barrett of art consultancy Three Sixty Degrees.

18:00 – 24:00, WINZAVOD. 4-y Syromyatnichesky pereulok, 1, bldg. 6
Evening of WINZAVOD vernissages
Red Wine Plant – Art vs geography, collective exhibition
Fermentation plant – Sorry, exhibition opening is delayed due to technical causes, Alexey Kallima
FotoLoft Gallery- Empty Spaces, Katya Belkina
Paperworks Gallery – Nothing but Truth, Valery Chtak
Pop/Off/Art Gallery – Reverse Perspective, team of authors Gallery – Pastoral, AlexanderGronsky
XL Gallery – ART GUTS, Alex Buldakov
Idan Gallery – Zikr, Aladdin Garunov
Art Kvartal Gallery – Others, Semen Agroskin
M&Yu Gelman Gallery – Atlantis, Valery Koshlyakov
Meglinskaya Gallery – Debut Line, Kir Esadov
Proun Gallery – Flights in dreams and in reality, team of authors
Regina Gallery – 1000 views, Jorinda Woit

19:00, Central House of Artists  press centre
Presentation of the album by Alexey Yu. Talashchuk – artist and rector of the Alexander von Stieglitz Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy. Organizer: Free Artists of Saint Petersburg publishing house.


Curator: Ian Goncharov
Preview: 20 September 2011
Exhibition continues: 21 September - 25 September 2011
Hall 21 (2 floor)

Translate / Transcribe a title inspired by the almost universal act entered into by all artists. The act of absorption and re-distribution of ideas, the sharing of information, the passing on of tradition. In this context, the artists involved share a series of ideas that come explicitly from a contemporary western approach to art making.

Translate / Transcribe will offer a focus on divergent art practices, radical gestures and critical dialogue in both content and presentation.
Translate / Transcribe examines our past, our present and our future as a global community of artists working - and art audiences looking - in context of the current information revolution.

This exhibition of young and emerging artists from the UK will be the first show of it’s kind for Russian art audiences, highlighting new ways in which orthodoxy and acceptability may be challenged. It brings together artists whose work includes installation, painting, video and sculpture.
The artists included here are emerging talents both in London and on the international art scene.

Roisin Byrne
Adam Thompson
Gorka Mohamed
Benjamin Jenner
Fiona Curran
Darren Banks
Trevor Kiernander
Jason Underhill
Systems House
Charlotte Warne Thomas
James Ferris
Sam Adams
Leanne Bell Gonczarow
Ian Gonczarow (curator)

Contact Ian Gonczarow:
+7 917 544 42 62

About the artists:

Roisin Byrne: b 1981. Recent shows include; It’s Not You It’s Me (ongoing), The Goma, Madrid, Spain. Performance at Adding Complexity to Confusion: A History of Engaged Practice Late at Tate Britain. My Roooooooooome Show, Extraspazio Gallery, Rome, Italy. Start Point, Galerie Klatovy, Klenová, Czech Republic.

Adam Thompson: b 1980. Recent shows include; Unsolo at project room, Milan, Italy. Unthinged, Hayward Gallery concrete Space, London. Galerie Bernhard Knaus, Frankfurt, Germany. Young London, V22, London. Yesterday Will be Better, Aargauer Kunsthus, Aarau, Switzerland. The Shape of things to Come, Saatchi Gallery, London 2012.

Systems House: b 1974. Recent shows include; SLIP: Sensor Part 1, Cell Project Space, London. FischGratenMelkStand, Temporare Kunsthalle Berlin. Newspeak: British Art Now, The Saatchi Gallery, London. Sculpture Roof, Crisp London Los Angeles, London. FOREIGN BODY(ies), Cottelston Advisors at White Box, New York. Absent Without Leave, Victoria Miro Gallery, London.

Charlotte Warne Thomas: b 1978. Recent shows include; Creekside open 2011, Selected by Dexter Dalwood, APT Gallery, London. Legacy I, Foremans Smokehouse gallery, London. Diamonds Are Forever, Dirty Square Gallery, London. Heart of Glass, 20Hoxton Square Projects, London. The Object of the Attack, David roberts Art Foundation, London.

Trevor Kiernander: b 1975. Recent Shows include; To Build a Home, Art Mur, Montreal, Canada. Trade Skins, Bearspace, London. Collective, LA Pedestrians Gallery, Los Angeles. Heliotrope, Vulpes Vulpes, London. So Show, ShopAt34, London. Notes From the Underground, James Taylor Gallery, London. How to Manage when Everthing is a Priority, Grace and Clarke Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow.

Darren Banks: b 1980. Recent shows include; Soothsayers, Sierra Metro, Edinburgh. Fantasmorgia, Better place portraiture, Auto Italia, London. Workplace Gallery Group Show, Contemporary art society, London. Drawing 2011, The drawing room, London. Rummage sale and Floor of the Forrest, Barbican, London. Mural newspaper, Abrons Court, New York. Hello World, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh.

Leanne Bell Gonczarow: b 1978. Recent shows include; Attract/Repel, Central Booking, New York. Transitions, Flacon, Moscow. The Reading Room at Broadway, Nottingham. Camberwell Arts Festivel, London. Intervention, Deptford X, London. Future Map 07, Davies Street, London. LAB, ICA, London.

Fiona Curran: Recent shows include; Too Many Waterfalls, Hive Gallery, Barnsley. The world is larger in Summer, MAC, Birmingham. We Are All in this Together, Bureau, Manchester. Saatchi Northern Stars, The Blade Factory, Liverpool. Guasch – Coranty Painting Prize, Centro De Arte Tecla Sala, Barcelona. Paint, Bedlam Gallery, London.

Gorka Mohamed: b 1978. Recent shows include; Riendo Hacia Atras, Galeria Distro4, Madrid. Tautologies, Gallery B’one. Seul. Creekside Open 2011, Selected by Dexter Dalwood, APT Gallery, London. Young London, V22, London. Tag, Brown Gallery, London. Ventriloquist, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London. Notes From the Underground, James Taylor Gallery, London.

Benjamin Jenner: Recent shows include; Invention of Painting, Centre for Recent Drawing, London. Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009, Manchester and London. Red Mansion Art Prize, Slade Research Centre, London.

Jason Underhill: b 1982. Recent shows include; British Art Show 7, Hayward Gallery, London. E.S.P. TV #2, The Schoolhouse, New York. SAMVAAD, FICA, New Delhi. Against Gravity, ICA, London. Perform Now!, Material Press, Los Angeles. Justin Gainan and Jason Underhill, Dan Graham Gallery, Los Angeles. The Filmic Conventions, Form Content, London. Zoo Art Fair, London.

Ian Gonczarow: b 1975. Recent shows include; Royal Academy Summer Show 2011, Royal academy, London. Creekside Open 2011, Selected by Dexter Dalwood, APT Gallery, London. Transitions, Flacon, Moscow. Politics and People, Gallery North, Newcastle. Painting Overview, Elysium Gallery, Swansea. Drawing with Dolphins, Crimes Town Gallery, London. Future 50, PSL, Leeds. A Place Called Home, Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland.

Roisin Byrne, Look what you made me do, 2009

Fiona Curran, Surplus to requirements , 2010

Ian Gonczarow, Persecution Complex , 2011

Jason Underhill

Education, Lecture and Seminar series, supported by CHRISTIE’S

As part of the exhibition Translate/Transcribe there will be several opportunities
for wider interaction with gallery audiences and students in Moscow. In order to create
a wider debate about the works being shown and contextualise the London-Moscow
exchange, the artists present in Moscow will be available for the following events:

21 September at Central House of Artists 3pm
Introduction to the exhibition by artist and curator Ian Gonczarow.
A brief overview of the conception of the show, the choice of artists and works etc will be presented in the gallery space. There will also be an opportunity for other artists in the exhibition to participate in a question and answer session.
Ian Gonczarow Artist and Curator / Leanne Bell Gonczarow Exhibiting artist / Charlotte Warne Thomas Exhibiting artist / Jason Underhill Exhibiting artist / Martin Fletcher (Systems House) Exhibiting artist

Evening Lecture 6pm at British Higher School of Art and Design, Artplay
Guest speaker tbc will address an invited audience of Moscow artists, gallerists, members of the public and students with their current theories/research on contemporary art. There will then be an ‘in conversation’ with the artists involved in the show alongside Christina Steinbrecher Director or Art Moscow 2011 and Alexander Avramov Director of BHSAD. Lecture will be translated to Russian.
Present: Guest speaker(s) TBC / Ian Gonczarow Artist and Curator / Leanne Bell Gonczarow Exhibiting artist / Charlotte Warne Thomas Exhibiting artist / Jason Underhill Exhibiting artist / Roisin Byrne Exhibiting artist / Martin Fletcher (Systems House) Exhibiting artist / Roxie Fuller Actress / Adam Thompson Exhibiting artist / Darren Banks Exhibiting artist

22 September onwards
Artist film maker Jason Underhill will present a series of Film screenings at BHSAD TBC
Artist and Filmmaker Jason Underhill and Actress Roxie Fuller will discuss the making of
‘the Road to Margeritaville’ at CHA. Day and Time TBC
Artist and Filmmaker Jason Underhill and Actress Roxie Fuller will run a workshop in filmmaking and scripting for student guests at BHSAD. Day and Time TBC

22 or 23 September
Guest speaker and Ian Gonczarow will ‘walk through’ the exhibition Translate / Transcribe and selected stands at Art Moscow to further discuss issues of Contemporary art practice and the art market. CHA. Day and Time TBC

22 or 23 September
Venue TBC
Adam Thompson Exhibiting artist / Darren Banks Exhibiting artist
Artists Adam and Darren will run a half day workshop with invited school children.
Make some Art ! TBC

This is a provisional plan (24/6/11) and will be subject to changes.

Dr Julian Stallabrass
Dexter Dalwood, Artist
Ossian Ward, Critic and Visual Arts editor Timeout London
Matthew Collings, Writer and Critic
Griselda Pollock, Art historian
Vincent Honoré, Curator and head of the collection of the David Roberts Art Foundation.

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