Art-Moscow-Petersburg. Art Fair

Quality arts for a quality public

The art fair “Art-Moscow-Petersburg” brings together and presents the art galleries, which recognize the equality of all the forms and contents of artistic expression and make them available to the broad public.

Contemporary art is understood in various ways by its viewers, but contemporary public, especially experienced collectors and true art lovers, are able to distinguish quality, value, and significance in the multitude of art offers.

Potential art buyers and galleries (and dealers) will be able to see (or fail to see) at the art fair obvious references to current fashion, historical allusions, original conceptions, topical ideas, expert support, relevance to prestigious institutions and events, considerable market value of art as commodity and investment. The notion of quality art has no objective criteria unless: a) it is presented as an object of multiple sales; b) its value has been established by respected experts; c) it has been exhibited at major art events or is intended for such exhibitions; d) it has been voted for (through any media means) by a considerable number of connoisseurs – then it can safely be proclaimed as quality art.

However it should be noted that apart from the attribute “quality” there is also simply “I like it”. On the one hand, both these approaches have been devalued due to bad taste and indiscriminate consumption of kitsch art by the mass buyer; but on the other hand, quality art is often seen as a “package” which includes good references and successful presentations, with the result that “quality art” becomes dependent on objectified contexts and the confidence of an individual opinion in the rightness of his choice.

By inviting reputable galleries known for their good taste to take part in our art fair we provide an opportunity for serious buyers to extend their range of activities: to start or supplement their collections, widen their circle and quality of contacts, to join the current creative processes.

Modern-day buyers chose quality art.